We are Enabling a Technology Driven Future

At INTEG we believe in a technology driven future. Our customers are world leading innovators, bringing smarter products to life in a competitive market, and we empower them with the best product testing and automation solutions. We work with engineers and scientists to achieve challenging innovations and solve technological hurdles through our proven expertise in test & measurements, instrumentation, control, database, data analysis, and integrating complex and highly functional systems.

Test Automation Frameworks

For more than a decade, we have been investing in development of common testing features in a diverse range of semiconductor, communication and consumer electronics products. This has led to our pioneering automation frameworks that enable engineers to achieve better product quality, shorter test times and higher coverage at lower costs. INTEG provides solutions for entire product life cycle covering design verification, manufacturing, product verification and RMA testing.

Reinforcing our Researchers

We are proud to share a technology revolution spurred by virtual and code-synthesized instrumentation. We develop application software for advanced control and intricate test & measurement solutions integrating modular and off the shelf hardware. Our solutions incorporate multiple technology disciplines to enhance effectiveness of prominent research projects at forerunning laboratories around the world.

Our Solutions

Each of our solutions is unique and custom developed to address specific client requirements. Our passion and dedication to customer success are however the common ingredients in integrating these. We continue to use multi-disciplinary technologies and automation expertise to deliver reliable, successful and cost effective solutions for test automation, RF & microwave product testing, lab automation and machine vision.