Research and Development

Advanced measurement and control solutions

Scientists and researchers of today spend increasing amounts of effort in automating their experimental setups and in developing test and control software that is far from the core research themes. WiTEST is actively engaged with research applications by providing automated test and control systems that leverage the latest in technology in reducing the complexity and providing reliable, scalable and flexible solutions.


Lab Automation

From new R&D labs to upgrading existing test facilities, our custom developed and feature rich test & control automation solutions have enhanced research capability for many  advanced labs.

  • Lab automation and instrumentation control
  • Lab data acquisition and analysis
  • Environmental monitoring and alarm management
  • Distributed control and data acquisition with large channel counts
  • Supervisory control and data logging
  • High speed data acquisition and data streaming
  • Vision based measurements

Facility Upgrade

With a wide ranging experience in instrumentation and lab automation we can help upgrade your research facility with latest development in data acquisition and control technologies.

  • Spray dynamics research
  • Burner rigs
  • Spin rigs
  • Data acquisition for engine test cell
  • 4WD dynamometer research

Distributed Monitoring

We provide acquisition, logging and monitoring solutions for a wide range of wired and wireless sensors distributed over multiple labs.