Integrated Data Intelligence As Service

IDIAS™ is a leading-edge solution for those seeking test data intelligence for manufacturing test, device characterization, and design verification test. As a cloud-based service, IDIAS™ collects all your test data and makes it available for monitoring and data driven decision making without requiring any additional IT hardware or integration effort. The entire solution scales flawlessly from NPI to mass production volumes.

If you need to responsively process results from all your test units with intelligent monitoring capabilities, IDIAS™ is the solution. Contact us for a demo.

Data Upload Agent

IDIAS™ data upload agent runs as a background service and picks up data from user specified disk folders. This is the least intrusive data upload approach that maintains your existing format and data structure. Intelligent data plugins will blend data from a range of test assets and transform all information to a single standard database. Network connectivity is all you need to provide.

For more planned implementations, we also provide data upload plugins that get employed by your automated test software. Commonly used data plugin are available for C#, Python, NI Test Stand and NI LabVIEW.

Distributed, In-memory Database

Residing in cloud, IDIAS™ database scales with your test volumes from NPI to mass production.

  • Distributed data hosting
  • In-memory & persistent
  • Optimized for test engineering data





We Get Your Data Ready, So You Focus on Test

Get a grip on your manufacturing test data with IDIAS™ built-in analysis capabilities:


  • Production ratio
  • Frequent failures
  • First pass yield
  • Test capacity
  • Tester usage
  • Test time
  • Rework
  • Scrap

Interactive Analysis Optimized for Design Verification and Manufacturing Test

Histograms, scatter plots, parameterized plots, 3D plots, polar plots, trend plots, process capability and many more..

Extensive data selection features with a wide range of plotting capabilities. 

Visualize your design characterisation with easy to configure pivot plots.

Tabular and graphical plots along with statistics.

Expert Analysis & Reporting

Turn any analysis and plotting details to user defined reports 

  • Use your test results when and where needed
  • Empower your test team to quickly provide feedback to design and manufacturing teams
  • Report formats
    • HTML
    • WORD
    • EXCEL
    • PDF

User-defined Browser Dashboards

Monitor your test from anywhere

  • Convert your reports to browser dashboards
  • Event triggers and notifications

Hosting Options

In the cloud or on your own infrastructure, INETG has you covered for liberating your test data.


With this option, INTEG hosts your test data – no local servers, storage, or maintenance needed. You’ll get immediate access to your manufacturing test data with our latest analysis and reporting features with automatic upgrades, optimal performance, and cloud hosting.

Local Server

Host INTEG database and server software on your own hardware and customize your setup however you’d like. This option is best for teams who need to manage all the details, enforce stricter requirements for data exposure, and don’t mind the additional complexity of hosting themselves.