Product Verification

Best products are built with best verification testing

Five Steps to Product Verification

Our customers are world leading innovators, bringing smarter products to life in a competitive market. Identifying and fixing any initial-design issues, before they could impact the end user,  requires a continuous product verification & QA testing. You need a five step verification solution that includes:

  1. Test planning
  2. Verification labs and instrumentation
  3. CI/CD integration
  4. Test scripting
  5. Test data intelligence

We are focused on accelerating client success by solving complex problems and reducing time to market. If you need enhancements on any or all of these five areas, Contact us for a feasibility study for your next product verification task.

Test Planning

Let our QA engineers do the test planning for project using your test strategy. If needed, our team will create a test strategy for you.

We will transform your firmware and hardware design to a comprihensive test plan defining what is needed for:


  • Smoke and sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Performance testing
  • Load and stress testing
  • System and acceptance testing

Verification Lab and Instrumentation

Our engineers are experts in test instrumentation and test automation. If needed, we will setup your test lab and  integrate all test technology in a fully automated test setup.  We ensure that your test development schedules become non-critical and your test budgets are contained.

  • Virtualization with on premises computing or cloud
  • Test instrumentation
  • Integration of full test infrastructure
  • Test automation
  • Test data collection

CI/CD Integration

Let us integrate your product development with  a continuous verification process. 

  • Source code management (e.g. git)
  • Test automation server (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Test case management (e.g. TestRail)

This setup will trigger an automation pipeline for any changes in your product firmware that feeds back its results to both source code management and test case management agents.

Your engineering team deserves to get a continuous feedback during development and deployment.

Test Scripting

Complexity of todays leading products necessitates test modules or scripts that get sequenced to execution through an automation pipeline.

Our test scripting team will custom develop these test modules matching your product details. Enabling parallel execution on multiple platforms and feeding test resuls back to source code and test case management systems.  

Technologies for Verifying Innovative Products

Test Data Intelligence

Your product characterization signature is embedded in the verification test results. Collecting and getting to know the test results is the first step towards understanding the product performance and gaining the competitive lead.

Our verification solutions are fully integrated with test data intelligence. This enables you to make data-driven decisions that can improve product quality, shorten time to release, and minimize redesign costs and delays.