RF & Microwave

Design Validation and Production Testing

From production testing of RF and microwave devices and systems to advanced communications and radar research applications, our team provides you with access to the latest in RF and SDR technologies.

Design Verification

Today’s semiconductor devices require extensive testing and a cascade of multi layered analysis of test results to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

We help our customers accelerate design validation testing (DVT) by providing frameworks that capture:

  • Test vector generation in accordance with compliance requirements
  • Multisite test execution
  • Test data collection
  • Test intelligence that links measurement results to regulation compliance

Automation Software

Let us reduce your DVT cycle time by wrapping your existing instrumentation with the most advanced test automation software. Integrated with our expert tests data management, our automated test solutions will at least double your test throughput.

Technologies for RF and Microwave Testing 

Data Intelligence

Use your test results when and where needed for a quick feedback to design teams.

  • Data blending
  • Cloud and local data collection
  • Scalable in-memory database
  • Data management
  • Masking and filtering
  • Report generation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Multi layered analysis

Software Defined Radio

Our RF expertise expedite development of fully integrated custom RF applications.

  • Signal surveillance
  • Record and playback
  • Direction finding
  • RF memory
  • Counter measures