High reliability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use were the critical requirements for our customer when it came to implement an unattended monitoring and alarm management system for environmental conditions interfacing to more than a hundred sensors on multiple buildings.

The system was implemented by INTEG engineering team using multiple I/O banks of NI FieldPoint platform all linked to a central windows desktop (server node) using Ethernet. All programming was done using NI LabVIEW.

The system is used to largely measure ultra low temperatures from RTD’s and also presents a scalable capability to include other measurement types such as thermocouples, voltage and 4-20 mA sensors.

The server periodically acquires and logs all data, and manages user interface tasks such as system configuration, alarm notification, escalation and acknowledgement strategy along with live sensor monitoring by multiple users.

Users are password authenticated to access the system over a web browser leveraging the built in LabVIEW web server capabilities.

With built-in error and power failure recovery, this system continues to work successfully month after month and currently has more than 100 sensors and 50 users.