WiAnalysis is a leading edge solution for those seeking test intelligence for device characterization, design verification and production test. It allows you to blend data from a range of test assets and transforms different data formats to a single standard hosted database. WiAnalysis dramatically reduces data preparation time.  It then provides intuitive and easy to use features for analysis and reporting best suited for semiconductor, optical and electronics tests.ssss

A scalable database designed to perform with large data sets.

  • Data Blending
  • Data Hosting
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring

Data analysis optimized for verification and production test

Histograms, Scatter plots, Parameterized plots, 3D plots, Polar plots, Trend plots, Process capability, Many more

Extensive data selection features with a wide range of plotting capabilities. 

Visualize your design characterisation with easy to configure pivot plots.

Tabular and graphical plots along with statistics.

Save time on data preparation so you can focus on test process


  • Monitor the dominant test failure causes
  • Visualize if data variation is statistically significant
  • Color coded 3D plots to easily see sensitivity to test settings

Expert Data Management, Analysis & Reporting

Turn any analysis and plotting details to user defined reports 

  • A test intelligence that links product specifications to test data
  • Use your test results when and where needed
  • Empower your test team to quickly provide feedback to design and manufacturing teams


  • HTML
  • WORD
  • PDF